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Grace Kisirkoi, Ph.D

Grace Kisirkoi undertook postdoctoral training at Stanford University, and doctoral training at Clemson University. Her research projects were focused on biomarkers of breast cancer and fungal meningitis respectively.

During execution of these projects, Grace had the opportunity to mentor Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics students to stay on task with both class tasks, and their dissertation milestones.

As a lifelong learner, she keeps up with research-based STEM teaching techniques that motivate young researchers and experts to attain deep learning of their fields and relevant peripheral concepts.

Grace also has multidisciplinary Science Communication interests ranging from Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Psychology, and Sociology. She is passionate about demystifying jargon-heavy research for a cross-section of audiences through Science Writing.

During her free time, she loves to blog, travel with family, and take walks by the beach.