Save Time and Money by leveraging our collective of highly skilled experts who are carefully matched, and fully committed to your completed dissertation



The data reveals that from 45% to 65% of doctoral researchers never complete their dissertation. They remain ABD (all but dissertation). These researchers report loss of motivation due to isolation, fear, becoming overwhelmed, and losing focus. My Dissertation Doctor addresses these issues and more.

Our Story

ALL of our Mentors hold doctorates, and  are highly skilled experts in their field. They are committed to guiding you to the timely completion of your dissertation. Specializations include:

• Business (Ph.D. and DBA)
• Nursing (Ph.D. and DNP)
• Education (Ph.D. and EdD)
• STEM (Engineering, Physics, Statistics)

Our process of personalized attention is built upon current research and best practices in the field of dissertation mentoring. Central to the success of this method is the regular exchange between Researcher and mentor.

Our Process

All dissertation Researchers complete an initial assessment. This includes:

• Contact information
• Dissertation topic
• Current status of the dissertation
• Methodology
• Research question
• IRB Approval (if necessary)

The assessment is reviewed by the Mentors to suggest an ideal match. The suggestion is passed on to the Researcher who may choose to accept the recommendation or identify a mentor from the roster.

Researchers and Mentors have an initial interview. If the match is a good fit, an acceptable work plan is developed collaboratively.

Benchmarks are essential building blocks of this plan. Weekly meetings to report progress, identify road blocks and celebrate success keep the process moving.

Subsequent sessions build upon success – until the dissertation is complete, and you are a Doctor.